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The ShakeDowns! Ridiculous Rock N Roll From DC
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"Code for bands that play punked-out, straight-up, garage-influenced rock & roll: an "S" at the end of your name. You got your Hives and Makers and Strokes and Stripes and all that stuff. So to make a band even rocker [sic], have an "S" at both ends! This band rocks so much it should have been S's all the fuck over!"
[[[Courtesy of Roctober Magazine]]]

"I see thousands of starving mindless drones walking around one of the nation's largest college campuses (Ohio State) and they're all rockin' out to the beat of The Strokes. The WRONG fucking beat! If these Strokes fans had any sense, they'd see that they're really a KINKS cover band. Or they would get hip and see the real deal and pop in The ShakeDowns. This album is refreshing. It's in the same vain as The Strokes but has one huge difference. ORIGINALITY. This band experiments with different timing and chords which is sorely and sadly lacking in today's music. Not content to make the same song over and over again for the whole disk this band actually is able to express itself through the music. Another band tossed about as an influence was THE NEW BOMB TURKS but having lived in the Turks home base since 1991, I can tell you The ShakeDowns are nothing like the Turks. THEY ARE BETTER!!!
What about the lyrics? They don't even matter. Oh, the lyrics are good but the sound is supreme. Definitely the best album of the month for me to review. Pick it up or I'm going to come over and break all your VINES, WHITE STRIPES, and STROKES albums and make you eat the remnants.
[[[Courtesy of Ear Candy Zine]]]

"Out of WDC comes the next generation of DC punk that's fueled by a loud garage rock to a just punk rock n roll sound with a lot of action. THE SHAKEDOWNS play some noisy rock n roll that has just a freak out crazy bluesy sound. Fans of THE HIVES, MAKERS, JON SPENCER BLUES X, THE CYNICS, REZILLOS will dig these guys as well. Very Brit pop meeting a NYC kool thing sound."
[[[Courtesy of Toxic Flyer Zine]]]

"The ShakeDowns are a rock and roll band with plenty of punk energy. They somehow manage to sound simultaneously hedonistic and honest, which is quite a feat considering their material. There's a love of bare-bones rock and roll that fills their songs with big riffs, proud solos and lyrical swagger. With lyrics about chasing women and stories from the bar, The ShakeDowns display the kind of self-confidence that puts them pretty close to Danko Jones in terms of style and attitude.
[[[Courtesy of PunkNews.org]]]

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