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Update - The Shakedowns [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The ShakeDowns! Ridiculous Rock N Roll From DC

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Update [Mar. 24th, 2005|01:05 pm]
The ShakeDowns! Ridiculous Rock N Roll From DC


Hi, hello and how are ya?! The ShakeDowns are looking forward to
celebrating our good friend "Terminator" Tony T's birthday on April
9th at Dr. Dremo's in Arlington, where we last played in front of
giant projection of Viva Las Vegas w/ the glorious Alphabet Bombers.
Speaking of which....

...Curt and Alex, who handled the 10 strings of the Bombers, have 2
shows of their own coming up this weekend. On Friday the dynamic duo
will be rocking w/ Mike from the Gamma Rays and our own beloved Nick
Popovici as Geisha Lightning. At the Sidebar w/ a band that has
ex-Thumbs. The Sidebar is in Baltimore, at LExington and Guilford.

Then, on Saturday, they retreat southbound on 95 and hole up
at the Warehouse Next Door, with Kathleen (who love's bands from
Detroit and played some keyboards with us cretins back in 2003)
fronting them and Pat Termite as Thee Lexington Arrows. With
the Million Dollar Marxists, The Stabones and a few others. The
Warehouse is on 7th Street between New York and L, directly across the
street from the Convention Center.

Further down the pike, The ShakeDowns will be playing at the Historic
Hyattstown Mill (http://www.hyattstownmill.org) on May 7th. We'll be
playing with the Revelevens (ex-Cheerleaders of The Apocolypse) and a
couple others, "T", "B", and "A". :).

Also, I'd like to take a minute to hip anyone to a guy/band known as
Danko Jones. We've been enthralled with this Canadian rock beast for
a few years and they're finally dipping south of New York! On May
22nd at IOTA, in Arlington, I'll be there with bells on and I hope to
see as many of my friends there as possible, as well.

So that's how I'll leave it. I'll be out to both of those shows this
weekend so please come by and say hi.